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Over the fall I lost 25 lbs. So instead of 195, I was at 170, now at 175. All my Neiman Marcus Brioni suits bought with my Neiman's discount were too big. I went to my closet, pulled out my Sanitate suits, and guess what? They fit like a glove. So, for the past four months I have been wearing the suits that you made for me many years ago. I cannot tell you how many people have complemented my dressing in your suit vs. the Brionis. You are and always will be the best tailor in the world.
It has been a true pleasure once again to proudly wear your suits. I am going to try and stay trim just so I can wear your summer suits as well. Leaving my clearly second choice Brionis in the closet for the fatter and less well-fit days hopefully some significant time into the future. In fact, I have one of your summer suits on today. Mohair, gray, chalk stripe.
B. Daryl Bristow

It’s rare in business today to find individuals who are still high quality craftsman. It’s even more unusual to find individuals who take pride in creating the same level of quality work as they did twenty-five years ago.
Vincent, you and I have done business together for more than a quarter of a century. As a businessman whose company stakes its reputation on quality, I can well appreciate the commitment to service and high quality of work you provide. My suits are as beautifully tailored today as they were twenty-five years ago. Everything from fabrics and attention to detail is nothing less than perfect and has left me thoroughly satisfied throughout the years. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best in New York City and the entire U.S.A.
I look forward to another quarter of a century wearing your impeccable suits. Hopefully, my sons have inherited my intelligence and will also become customers
of yours.
Felix L. Zambetti
Chief Executive Officer